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    Decades of experience administrating, supporting, educating and encouraging individuals and organizations within the financial organizing and financial literacy area is what I bring to the table. My life is helping people. Hence the website LifeIsHelpingPeople.com. My journey started as a teen in the trading analysis department of the American Stock Exchange. Working with for profit and non-profit organizations has been beneficial in order to serve my clients in a case by case basis. I partner with individuals and groups to move forward in a favorable direction in their financial house cleaning journey.


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    Discussing financial literacy concepts, assisting with financial organizing strategies, providing help with setting up budgets and opening personal finance accounts are a few of the services I provide. In order to get started the first step is have a brief conversation with me. There is not a one size fits all approach. Each session is tailor-made for each client.

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    Set up an appointment with me. Let's have a discussion about how to turn on the light in your financial house. My mission in life is to help you move from where you are on your financial journey to where you want to be. Sessions are held virtually. Scroll down and book an initial session.


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    Intro Discovery Session

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